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Price list current as of Jan 1st 2020

Run Free Equine Therapies offers Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Photonic (Red Light) Therapy and Saddle Assessment to the Barossa Valley, Gawler, and surrounding regions in South Australia.

Massage therapy has the same benefits for horses as it does for humans. It helps to:

  • increase circulation
  • improve flexibility and range of motion
  • improve posture and balance
  • reduce risk of injury
  • remove toxins
  • relieve tension, knots and muscle spasm
  • improve soft tissue function post injury

Equine Sports Massage Therapy is practiced with the equine athlete in mind, and aims to enhance performance of the animal as well as prevent injury through regular maintenance of the muscle tissue.

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Certified through Equestricare. Member of the Equine Therapies Association of Australia