I began my journey as a therapist when I signed up for my first massage course with Equestricare in 2013. Like a lot of horse owners, I had encountered difficulties in riding and training my horses which led me to seek help. Once I was introduced to the world of bodywork and anatomy, my entire perspective of the horse changed – and I was hooked!

After completing a certificate in equine sports massage, I went on to gain certification in tissue mobilisation techniques and red light therapy (also through Equestricare), as well as saddle assessment  with Lou Collins (SaddleFit Australia). I have attended biomechanics workshops, barefoot trimming workshops, dissections with Sharon May-Davis, short courses in Emmett Technique and Masterson Method, and workshops with Gillian Higgins – to name just a few! In 2018 I hosted my first anatomy workshop here in SA with Sharon May-Davis and joined Equestricare’s team of instructors. In 2019 I completed a Level 1 Reiki course and began a Bachelor of Equine Science, as well as teaching my first massage practical. In 2022 I became a certified Equi-Taping Practitioner, passing with distinction.

I am currently still working on my degree, as well as studying osteopathy and MSTR.

My goal is to be the therapist I wished I had found for my horse when I was younger: someone knowledgeable and experienced who is available for support and advice, someone who listens and adapts to the horse, and strives for solutions.