The saddle plays a major role as intermediary between horse and rider, and a well-fitting saddle is paramount to the musculoskeletal health and happiness of the horse.

During a saddle assessment I check the overall health of the saddle and suitability of the saddle for the horse as well as rider through static and dynamic assessment. Saddle assessments are offered ONLY to massage clients in conjunction with a massage appointment. They can help determine suitability of a recently purchased saddle, monitor fit in-between visits with your qualified saddle fitter, suggest temporary solutions to saddle fit issues, assess safety of a saddle following an accident, and provide more information for bodywork sessions and rehabilitation.

Saddle assessments are NOT designed to replace visits with your qualified saddle fitter, and NO adjustments will be made to saddles during these sessions; clients will be referred on to trusted saddle fitters when necessary. These saddle assessments are designed to help clients monitor saddle fit more closely, especially during transition periods such as weight and workload changes, and during rehabilitation from previous saddle fitting issues.