Run Free Equine Therapies strives to provide the best service for your horse, to keep them feeling good, moving optimally, and to empower riders with knowledge. Here is some feedback from my clients – straight from the horse’s mouth!

“Anna worked with my horse in a way that showed immense dedication, knowledge, compassion and patience. I was amazed to watch the tension and discomfort leave my horse’s body and for peace to replace it. This experience was also hugely informative; Anna is highly intelligent and generous with sharing her knowledge, allowing me to feel more confident in continuing to foster my horse’s happiness.” – Olivia

“100% recommend! So thorough and so kind. Anna spent so much time treating my horse making sure he was done thoroughly and that his pain was relieved! She checked every single part of him from hoof to withers, mouth to tail!” – Sharnee

“Can’t thank you enough, Anna! You’re a very welcome addition to our routine now and have had so much improvement already! So happy! Thank you.” – Georgie

“Thank you, Anna. I rode on Monday and had my best ride ever! He produced a beautiful trot, really using his hind legs, coming through from behind and swinging. My coach was delighted. His shoulder in was excellent and his canter strides so much better. I am so grateful that we have found you.” – Jane

“Took Dylan for an ultrasound and sure enough he has a tear in his right transverse pectoral muscle. Luckily it’s within the muscle so we’re only looking at 6-12 weeks rest and rehab. The vet was very impressed that you found it because he is 100% sound. So thank you so much, you’re amazing at what you do!!” – Arin

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